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GQ Full Body Workout

Let me cut right to the chase. If you are looking to get back into the game and build the body that you dream of or if you been on point and need a change in your routine try this.

To look good in clothes and to look good when you take your clothes off follow this 3 month 3 days a week full body workout.

Here we go

You should be working out every other day. So let’s say you work out Monday, Wednesday, Friday and take the weekend off.

Squats 5×10,8,8,5,5
Incline bench press 5×5
Incline dumbbell flies 3×5
Shoulder press 4×8,5,5,5
Shoulder lat raise 3×10,8,6
Lat pull down 4×5
Bicep incline bench curl 5×8
Tricep skull crushers 4×8
Arm extended plank for 3 minutes
Side planks for as 1 minute each side
Any ab workout you want

Do this for every workout but here is the thing…

On the last day of the week of your workout switch the order to the preference of the muscle you most want to improve on and do it second. So if you feel your triceps are lacking make it your second exercise.

Always do your squats first.

Pull ups and dips

Make sure to do pull ups and dips with every workout you do. You can do them after or before or in between but it is a must. The pull up is going to be key to get that V shape you desire. I am not going to tell you how much sets or reps but make sure you get them in there and make it work. Don’t half ass anything. Get your pull up and dip game up.

Lift heavy

You can do a warm up set which should consist of 8 reps that is considerably light but after that your first set should be your heaviest set. Use a weight you can do no more then 5 or 6 reps (or whatever is specified above) and then gradually go down in weight. You have the most energy when you start a particular workout for a body part so you should get the best possible effect to your muscles for the gains you want.

Write everything down

Keep a little log of the weight you use. This should be easy cause you are going to do the same workouts every time you workout . Make sure you are increasing in weight weekly. Some body parts will be more difficult then others pertaining on your weaknesses. The log will keep you focused on making gains.

These workouts should take anywhere from an hour or an hour a half each day.

If you have a lot of fat to lose

You can go to the gym an extra two days a week inbetween on your rest days and do only a HIIT workout.


You can can do a quick HIIT workout at the end of your GQ full body workout.

Whatever works for you in your busy life.


Comment below on your gains in muscle mass




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