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Effortless alpha superfitmen easy meal prep food shopping list and recipe

Right to the point

  • Boneless chicken cutlets(2 pieces per meal)
  • Bag of russet Potatoes
  • 2 or 3 Fresh bags of spinach
  • No calorie Sauce of your choosing

Step one

Turn on oven and pre heat at 450


Chop up potatoes into small wedges and full up a baking tray


Add non stick coconut oil spray all over tray


Add a splash of olive oil and season to your desire ( salt , pepper , oregano etc)


Mix the potatoes with large spoon


Put in oven and mix every 10 minutes


Step two

Turn on stove top and spray pan with nonstick coconut oil


Place chicken on pan and grill


Add sauce at the last 5 minutes of cooking them and also season chicken with what you desire.


Step three

Put Spinach in a microwave save container and add a splash of olive oil and season as desire


Follow instruction to microwave spinach


All cooking should all be done simutaniously


Spinach will finish first then chicken and you will have wait on the potatoes


For each meal you should have 2 average pieces of chicken cutlet. A fist size of potatoes and a fist size of spinach.


I like to get the tupper wear that has the 3 size proportions already there.


At the end you should have anywhere from 4 to 7 meals (depending on how much food you actually cooked) ready for meal prep


Eat one meal now for a job well done and put the rest in containers in the fridge. So when you need a meal you can grab and go.


Real easy if you are looking to save money. Be real strict with your diet. Or get that eight pack and ditch the six.


Effortless and simple and only taking an hour out of your day.



Comment below and tell me how this simple meal turned out



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