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Effective Abdominal Training Secrets (FULL)

You can do those sets of crunches till you collapse but that alone will not give you those six pack abs.

Yes, abs are made in the kitchen but no, eating the right foods alone will not give you washboard abs.


The Plank

This is an exercise that is usually forgotten in the ab routine. The crunch is world famous and the plank is often neglected.


The Benefits Of The Plank

Creates a strong core
Tightens up your whole body
Tones your midsection
Helps with creating and maintaining your abdominal
Improves your posture and balance
Reduce back pain
Improves flexibility


If you don’t know what a plank is let me briefly explain:


Picture doing a push-up but not going all the way down. Keep your arms straight and stay there for as long as you can.

Most people I see doing planks get on their elbows and hold it there. This is still effective and works but I recommend holding your arms straight for more of an exercise.

If you have never don’t planks before start with putting your elbows down and work from there.


Plank Workout

Hold and time your plank with your arms straight.

See if you can do 2 minutes straight

2-5 minutes should be your goal at first

Rest for 30 seconds

Then go at it again

3 sets till you collapse with 30 second rest in between

Now while doing your plank you should be contracting your abdominal.

Holding a strong core and making a muscle on your abdominal will give you your results

Your mind is as important as your body

You need to focus on your abdominal while you are doing your sets

Your arms might be the body parts that give out first and will cause you to collapse but as long as you are contracting your abdominal, your doing the exercise correctly.

Also keep your back straight

No need to be in an upward dog position


Side Plank Workout

Now that you got the plank down we can hit the obliques from the side

Do 2 sets of planks like discussed above

But now I want you to get on your side

One straight arm plank and squeeze what ever side is facing the mat.

With your hips, reach to the sky

Do one side till you collapse and then rest for 30 seconds

Then work on the other side and the do the same

Do 2 sets for each side


So In Total

You have 2 sets of planks


2 sets of planks for each side of your abdominal

In total

6 sets

The plank is an ultimate exercise to build your core up.

A strong core is the foundation for your whole body.

The six pack will come with these exercise but not these alone.



Stomach Vacuum

The stomach vacuum has been around for a very long time. Most people are clueless about the exercise when I mention it. I first heard about it from Arnold Schwarzenegger and ever since I have added it to my repertoire.

Let’s take a look at the stomach vacuum and how it is used in creating a visually aesthetic physique.


The Stomach

As we train our mid section (or as we don’t train it) it expands and gets bigger. Either with muscle or with fat our stomach will gain size. Eating too much or only using heavy weighted ab exercises in your routine can cause you to gain a big gut that is not too attractive. Your goal is to have your waist smaller then your shoulders. You want to be lean and compact. A six pack that is a wash board not a mountain.


The Stomach Vacuum

The stomach vacuum is an exercise that you can use to shrink your stomach and make your mid section compact. If you are using weights to build muscles in your mid section you will notice that your belly gets bigger and round. Not so much flat. The vacuum exercise will compact your stomach and give it a more tight look. It sucks in organs and shrinks the stomach over time.


Stomach Vacuum Exercise

There are a few ways to do this


You can do it anywhere

You can either get on your knees and hands or you can do the exercise sitting straight up in a chair


Here’s How

Just suck in your stomach

Take all the air out of your stomach and hold in your belly

Make sure you breath but keep your stomach sucked in (like a vacuum)

Do this for intervals of 30 seconds or how ever long you can hold it

It may sound easy but it gets difficult holding it for an extended period of time

Do 4 sets of 4

Every set do till failure

Give it a try! Use it to minimize your belly girth

This one exercise can cut 2-3 inches of your midsection in as little as 3 weeks.

If you stick with it you will notice a difference in your abdominal and physique in general


Fat loss strategies for your six pack

Fat Loss Strategies

Your extra fat you carry is the main reason why you don’t have those abs.

Here is another gem that you can add to your routine to getting those six-pack abs.

It involves losing the fat as quick and painless as possible.


High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is the best way to lose fat. I have not found another way that can beat doing a high intensity interval training workout.

I have articles on how to do HIIT and there are plenty more on the internet so I will keep it short and sweet.

To blast the fat you need to devote a gym visit to HIIT and cardio in general. Depending on how far you are on your perfect physique journey will determine how much time you need to devote.

Anywhere from 10-20 minutes of HIIT would be ideal. You can do it however you like but make sure you stick with it if you have fat to lose.


Low Intensity Cardio Training

Now if you do devote a whole gym visit to cardio after your HIIT I would recommend following up with a low intensity workout.

You should keep you speed rate at a moderate level with something as simple as a brisk walk.

For a treadmill it would look something like a 4.3 on the speed and a 5 on the incline.

Do this directly after your HIIT anywhere from 20-40 minutes.

This should all be done on an empty stomach and you can incorporate a core workout on the same day after you do your cardio training.

Now to get really down and dirty with this fat loss you can take the supplement yohimbine HCL. This will burn off that stubborn fat when it gets to a point where you hit a plateau on your fat loss. There is a certain way to take yohimbine HCL and I will discuss in a future article.



10-20 minutes -HIIT
20-40 minutes -low intensity cardio
Yohimbine HCL for stubborn fat around your belly


Abdominal Training Secrets (4 of 4)- Selective Exercises

Selective Exercises

This is the last in the series on how to effortlessly get your six pack with key tips and exercises. These effective abdominal training secrets are not necessarily “secrets” but more necessities to getting that six pick pack easily without wasting time and unnecessary effort.

There are certain exercises that will work out your core while not necessarily focusing on your core. If you incorporate these key exercises in your lifting workouts they can help tremendously in getting your abdominal to pop!

Here Are A Few Of These Selective Exercises!


The Squat

You heard it before. The squat has been the focus of the gym along with the bench press. If you never squatted you should start today. Although I feel the squat is not necessary to be a SuperFitMan, it will definitely work out your whole body along with your abs.

When you do squat focus on tightening up your core and pay mental focus on your stomach as you are squatting.

Man up and squat.


The Standing Shoulder Press

This is another exercise that will workout your core. You must do the same and focus on your core while doing this exercise. It is not only for your shoulders but your whole body feels it when you are lifting weights over your head.

Dumbbells or barbell it don’t matter here. Just incorporate this exercise in your workout plan and get your whole body fit.


Weighted Ab Exercises

You can do crunches till you are blue in the face but if you are not adding weight to your core exercises those abdominal won’t pop out.

You want abs to show 24/7 and using weights with relatively low reps will create that look you crave.

With low body fat and a strong abdominal midsection you will notice a great change by using weights.

8-12 reps using weights on an abdominal exercises to your choosing. Make sure you feel that burn and treat it like every other muscle group.


Burpees and Box Jumps

These are circuit trainings best friend. They burn fat on a fasted workout and they will help with shedding those extra layers of fat.

Do a superset with these 2 exercises regularly and watch how fast that fat comes off.
Mix that with all the other tips I gave in my effective abdominal training articles and you will have your washboard abs in no time.

There are many other compound exercises that you can do that will focus on dropping fat and building a lean midsection. I discussed here a few key exercises that has worked for me and many of my clients.

Please feel free to comment on what works for you to build your six or even eight pack.




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