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Effective Abdominal Training Secrets (3 of 4) – Fat loss Strategy

Fat loss strategies for your six pack

Your extra fat you carry is the main reason why you don’t have those abs.

Here is another gem that you can add to your routine to getting those six-pack abs.

It involves losing the fat as quick and painless as possible.


High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is the best way to lose fat. I have not found another way that can beat doing a high intensity interval training workout.

I have articles on how to do HIIT and there are plenty more on the internet so I will keep it short and sweet.

To blast the fat you need to devote a gym visit to HIIT and cardio in general. Depending on how far you are on your perfect physique journey will determine how much time you need to devote.

Anywhere from 10-20 minutes of HIIT would be ideal. You can do it however you like but make sure you stick with it if you have fat to lose.

Low Intensity Cardio Training

Now if you do devote a whole gym visit to cardio after your HIIT I would recommend following up with a low intensity workout.

You should keep you speed rate at a moderate level with something as simple as a brisk walk.

For a treadmill it would look something like a 4.3 on the speed and a 5 on the incline.

Do this directly after your HIIT anywhere from 20-40 minutes.

This should all be done on an empty stomach and you can incorporate a core workout on the same day after you do your cardio training.

Now to get really down and dirty with this fat loss you can take the supplement yohimbine HCL. This will burn off that stubborn fat when it gets to a point where you hit a plateau on your fat loss. There is a certain way to take yohimbine HCL and I will discuss in a future article.


  • 10-20 minutes -HIIT
  • 20-40 minutes -low intensity cardio
  • Yohimbe for stubborn fat around your belly


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