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Eating At IHOP To Build Lean Muscle

Eating at IHOP to build lean muscle

The international house of pancakes is one of my favorite places to go.


Nice people, good food and a big menu of “breakfast” dishes at a reasonable price.

I admit a diner also has “breakfast” food at all times of the day but they tend to be overpriced. This all depends on which diner you go to.

It would be unfair to compare a diner to IHOP because it is really a different animal.

I want to discuss chain restaurants and what you should order to get the most healthy, muscle building, and satisfying meal for your hard earned money.

The Egg Man

Eggs are full of protein and they are proven to be one of the most best ways to build muscle.

From Rocky downing raw eggs to every fitness magazine telling you to eat egg whites in the morning.


The egg is king to building muscle!


You want every meal you eat to have protein in it and eggs will definitely help you with that.


The Omelette

A dish of beaten eggs cooked in a frying pan until firm, often with a filling added while cooking, and usually served folded over. The clear definition of this great meal.

Now you can control what goes in your omelette to make it an ultimate protein effortless alpha fit man dish.

There are many omelets to choose from and you can tweak them by telling the waitress what you want and don’t want.


The key to building muscle is the protein and the omelette at IHOP is the way to go.


What Do I Order?

I usually get a vegetable omelette or the spinach and mushroom omelette( hold the hollandaise sauce).


Now here is the thing…

I tell them to make the omelette with egg whites and to also add grilled chicken in it.

This will create a great tasting omelette with more then enough protein to last your day.

You can order any omelette you like but my recommendation would be to make the omelette egg whites.

Grilled chicken is optional but I think it is a good touch.

Try it!


What Else?

The omelette comes with a side dish. Either pancakes, hashbrowns, or seasoned potatoes.

Depends what I am in the mood for but lately I been going with the crushed red potatoes.


Potatoes is a perfect carb to build muscle and stay fit.


I use to get the whole wheat pancakes but they discontinued them and only sell other types of pancakes.

When ever I do order the pancakes I eat them at the end of the meal and treat them as a dessert. I also ask for the sugar free syrup because the regular syrup has too much sugar.


Sugar is bad.


When I do get the pancakes that come with the omelette I also get the potatoes as a side dish.

I sometimes want it all!


  • Order an omelette
  • (preferably the vegetable or spinach and mushroom)
  • Get omelette with egg whites and add grill-chicken
  • With omelette get smashed red potatoes or some type of potato
  • If you want pancakes have them with sugar free syrup (preferably harvest grain and nut)
  • If you are really hungry get the potatoes as a side dish


I usually go to IHOP once a week and eat like a king. My six pack doesn’t go away and all the protein that is in my IHOP meal builds muscle.


Tell me about your IHOP experience and comment. I want to hear what you order and why.



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