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Don’t Go Too Deep Into The Forest

going too deep into the forest

As you continue your path on this planet and go after all you want in your world, there will be some set backs.

You will end up falling off sooner or later… it happens to everyone.

You stray off path and get sucked into bad habits that don’t do you any good.

It is normal, but don’t go too far off your path where there is no point of return.

Don’t go too deep in the Forest because getting back will be so much harder then before.

If you took time off the gym, or you got caught into a bad habit, or are just doing things that you shouldn’t be doing, you shouldn’t let it get out of hand.

Consequences are inevitable for your bad actions and the longer you carry on with them the worse off you will be.

Let’s take the gym for example: You end up being busy and don’t go to the gym for a week. You turn to comfort food and you don’t end up sleeping because you are partying all night. These things happen and it is fine but you can not let it get out of hand.

That week can easily turn into a month and then that month can turn into months.

A week alone will cause set backs, that you will only do harm to your progress. It will not only do harm to you physique, but it will do harm to your overall well being. Consistency equals results and stopping your pattern to your success will cause set backs.

Your time on this earth is limited and you must take advantage of each and every day.

Bad habits will occur and will be programmed into your brain if carried on for too long.

All the progress you made for the healthy food to taste good will be replaced by the sugar you now crave.

All the high fructose corn syrup will kill your taste buds and make the vegetables you now love taste like trash.

The gains you made in the gym will become stagnant and then decrease the more time you take off.

You don’t want to go too far into the forest where there is almost no point of return. I say almost because you can often get back, but if you go too far the return might not be the same.

Drugs can do a number on your life.

Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Recreational drugs are no different then the hard stuff.

Moderation is key although once and a while it still might not be favorable to your progress.

Turning bad real quick is often the case with a wandering head and having no structure.

A point of no return for your unhealthy choices is never what is wanted.

It can be the case if you take it too far.

Just think of the time it takes to get back on track when you start to fall off.

Times the time you fell off by 3 and that’s how long it will take. I say three cause we usually short change the amount of time we fell off, so you must put that into consideration.

If you fell off for a week, then it will take 3 weeks to be back to normal status because it often started more then a week ago from when you say you fell off.

For those it took a month or more think of the time it will take to get back.

Most of America is long gone in a fitness point of view.

Fat America and the big guts is the norm.

Go to a mall, see for yourself.

If they are not young they are mostly fat and lost.

Don’t be a victim and don’t let yourself fall off.

Try to always be on track with your goals, mission, health, and successful daily routines.

Don’t go to deep into the forest cause the next time you do … You may not be able to get out.

Things to stay away from

Watching too much tv
Processed food
High fructose corn syrup
Social media




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