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Why I Don’t Count Calories

Depending on what level you are on your fitness journey will determine what steps you need to take in conquering your fitness goals. Now counting calories in itself is a good idea. Most don’t know how much calories they consume in a day and how much is needed to get great results. Now you must decide what kind of results you desire.

For a bodybuilder and those alike, it would be in their best interest to count calories and carry around tupperware preparing their meals for the week. That life is not for me, well not for me anymore. I decided I want to live my life to fullest and remain fit year round without having to sacrifices my time to fitness. I love going to the gym and training hard but I also love certain foods that I will not give up eating.

Random eating will give you random results only if you don’t know what you are doing. I been working out my body for 15 plus years and I pretty much got it down pat on what I need to do daily to get great results. Not impeccable results but great results. If you want bodybuilding impeccable results then you would need to count your calories. I am happy with looking great and living my life without sacrificing what I love to eat.

intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting is the best solution to eating what you want and remaining SuperFit. By skipping breakfast it leaves a lot more calories to eat during the day. Not only will you be able to eat more foods you love, it will make “dieting” more pleasurable.

Again I have learned to eye ball food. I have much experience on what is healthy for you to eat and what is not. Not all people are educated on what is truly healthy. Some may think a salad is healthy but if it is drenched in a ton of salad dressing, it defeats the purpose. Educating yourself on what is healthy to eat and when you should be eating is key to building your perfect physique. Being able to eye ball food and know when to eat certain foods has helped me in my journey to remaining lean year round.

Carb Timing

Carbohydrates after a weight training workout is the best way to build lean muscle mass. Going back to what I said before about educating yourself on what foods are healthy is crucial to taking advantage of this important piece of information. Certain carbs are better then others and high starchy carbs are not so good if you are trying to get extra lean. Although potatoes can help you build muscle if you consume them sparingly.

Knowing Your Body

On days when I eat whole pizza pies and go on a buffet eating spree I know the next day I must take it easy with food consumption. It makes it easy because the next day I am not even hungry. My body has developed a natural avoidance for over eating many days in a row. I admit that it sometimes gets out of hand with eating. I have eaten pizza all weekend… Lots of it, but you must have the discipline to say to yourself “cut it out”. Not being too hard on yourself is key and knowing any sort of set back with unhealthy foods will show on your body. Cheat meals are encouraged but not endorsed on a daily basis.

Counting calories is time consuming and a lot of work for someone who is not a bodybuilder. Yes! if you are a body builder counting calories should be done, but if you are a regular guy who is trying to get fit and have a six pack then you should learn to know how to NOT count calories.

Let Me Recap What I Do and What Kind of Results I Get
  • I don’t eat breakfast and practice intermittent fasting everyday. I try to eat in a window of 8 hours but that sometimes doesn’t work out when I party, drink or do other activities in my life.
  • I try to eat my carbs after weight training workouts. Pushing your carbs till after a workout is key to building lean muscle mass and remaining lean. I say “try” because again I don’t count calories and live a carefree lifestyle so there will be times I have pizza on a day I am not even working out at all. I realize what I do and take appropriate steps the next day to overcome what I did.
  • I also eat protein in every meal I consume. If there is no protein in my meal there is no need to even eat. If you have the mentality that you should be eating protein (which for me is usually chicken, steak, salmon, tuna, etc) in every meal then this will help you with your fitness goals.
An Ideal Situation In My Non Counting Calories Journey:

Wake up and sip on some black coffee. Have a salad with grilled chicken for lunch and then have a big meal such as skirt steak with brown rice and vegetables. If I am hungry in-between these 2 meals I would have a protein bar, almonds or a piece of fruit. Also I forgot to mention BCAA that I consume during workouts along with a pre-workout.

Now I hope I explained it clearly why I don’t count calories and how you can follow suit. If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the contact section of the website.




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