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Do THIS To Build Muscle FAST!


I have seen a lot of so called “gurus” spilling there so called secrets on how to build muscle fast on the internet.

You must be thinking isn’t this the same old spiel on building muscle fast…

and no, it is not.

Here I am going to tell you how to build muscle fast without all the mumbo jumbo of selling dreams.

Everything is free in this article and it is pretty SIMPLE.


So Do THIS To Build Muscle FAST!

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Compound Exercises

It all starts with the type of exercises you are doing in the gym.

Exercises can be classified either as

Compound exercises– which are exercises that work on more than one muscle group.


Isolation exercises -which are exercises that isolate a muscle group by concentrating on that one group of muscles.

You want to be working more on the compound movements when it comes to overall muscle building and atrophy.

Try These Exercises!

Full Body Workouts

You may also want to be on a program of doing full body workouts every other day at the gym.

3 times a week following a full body workout plan is key to building muscle fast.

Start with your weakest lift then get every body part into a workout. It may get tiresome but I never said it was going to be easy.

5×5- Reps & Sets

Give or take because I don’t like to have anything set in stone but make sure you are hitting these rep and set ranges.

A 5×5 type of workout plan is key to building muscle fast and also build strength.

Lift Heavy Or Go Home

You also need to lift heavy and push yourself or you won’t be building the muscle mass you truly desire.

Go in the gym focused and lift big. Leave the gurly weights for… the girls.

Rest Days

It is not needed to workout one muscle group a day and then rest that group for a week.

All you need is around 24-48 hours to rest a particular muscle group you just worked out in the gym.

The key is to not do a ton of exercises per body part for each workout.

When you follow your full body workout plan, it is basically stretching the exercises over a span of week to workout each body part with 5-6 exercises.

Eating For Muscle

Food consumption is so important because muscle needs protein.

It’s real simple because you should just eat lean protein in every meal and eat your carbs after your weight training workouts.

Carbs that are healthy such as brown rice and potatoes for example.

Last Thoughts

Make sure you don’t get fat and do this to build muscle fast!

Try a full body workout plan for one to 3 months and watch yourself pack on some lean muscle mass.

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