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Dealing with muscle building plateaus


We go to the gym for results. Working out is therapeutic but we want to see the positive results in our body. There are times, especially when we first start lifting weights we see big results fast. We start working out and a week or two later we can see a change in our bodies. This is great for beginners, but what if you are a seasoned vet in the weight lifting game? It will be almost certain you will be hitting plateaus in your muscle building. Now there are key things you can do to help conquer these plateaus.

Switching it up

When you are doing flat bench everytime you are working out chest, your results will suddenly stop no matter how much weight you can lift. There are other parts of each muscle group that needs to be hit. By every month switching up your workout program you can conquer the muscle building plateaus. You can also do a different exercise everytime you work on a particular body part. Just make sure you track your progress and know how much you lift for each exercise. You want to be lifting heavier as time goes by.

Muscle confusion

Super sets, drop sets, pyramid training are a few types of exercise you can do to confuse your muscles and promote muscle gains after you hit a plateau. Making sure you feel the burn is also very important in gaining muscle and switching from heavy weights to light weights will do the trick. Confusing your muscle into submission will force each body part to grow at an astonishing rate.

Rest week

There is nothing like resting a full week to recoup your body. A full week of resting will reset your body and your mind to ultimately perform better. During this week you can do some type of cardio like HIIT or low intensity. You can also concentrate on working your core with lots of ab exercises. Make sure you keep your diet in tact and don’t fall off track. Stopping all types of exercises for a week can also help with plateaus because it evens the playing field. You come back stronger then ever.


I mention it all the time. If you are not doing any form of calisthenics, you are screwing yourself over. You can strictly do calisthenics such as pull ups, dips, push-ups, muscle ups etc for a week straight. Laying off the weights will do the body good and these calisthenic workouts will create positive habits for the future of your body. Also when you do calisthenics, those gains are harder to go away. Not like when you stop weights for a while, those gains will decline rapidly if not maintained. Calisthenics should always be a part of your workout plan.

Eating right

Maybe your muscle plateaus are due to not taking in enough protein. Maybe you are eating too much junk food and it is causing too much fat to build up around your waist line. You should look into your diet and see if you are properly eating the right foods. If you want to gain muscle you should be eating carbs. The right carbs that is. You should be taking in a proper amount of protein. It is normally the same amount as your weight per gram of protein. Learning when and what to eat is so important to building muscle and fighting through plateau. Check what and when you are eating because that could be the issue with fighting through muscle plateaus.

We all hit plateaus when fighting for our goals. These are a few ways to look at fighting through them and breaking new barriers in your fitness life. Don’t forget to focus and live your life. Fitness is not your whole life, it is just part of your life.



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