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How To Deal With Crazy Women As A Single Man

There will be times you will come across a woman in your single life that totally knocks your socks off. She may seem perfect. Beautiful smile, nice rack, round butt and just down right gorgeous. On the outside she may seem like “the one” but when you get to know this woman you notice something is off. The girl doesn’t have to be perfect and ofcourse she will have flaws but when you notice she is crazy, you should know how to deal with her.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with crazy women as a single man.

1. Spot Red Flags Early

It is extremely important that you spot a crazy woman as soon as possible. You must know what you are getting yourself into and know fast! The sooner you know the easier it would be to make a choice if you can deal with her craziness. You may just want to have her as a sex buddy but this can turn bad depending how crazy she is. You should know what you are getting yourself into and find out the level of crazy she is on. Sometimes alittle crazy is a good thing and might match your own craziness.

2. See Other Women

This one should be a given as a single man but most guys won’t follow suit. It is important to see other women so you are always in abundance. If she is the sexiest girl in your stable it will be hard to not put her on a pedestal. Seeing other women and going on other dates will help you compare her to other women you are seeing. This will help you realize what you are truly dealing with.

3. Ask The Right Questions

Question asking is one of the most important aspects of being successful with women. Asking the right questions will help you disqualify those not worthy of your time. Question such as: Have you ever been arrested? Have you ever been abused? Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend? Asking certain questions will tell you exactly who you are dealing with. Being a good listener and knowing what to watch out for when she answers is key to spotting a crazy woman.

4. Don’t Tell Her Where You Live

I would keep this a secret until you find out how crazy this woman is. She may be beautiful but it might backfire when you bring her to your home. If things end bad she may do some type of craziness like keying your car or yelling at your window. Try to hold off with bringing her back to your place until you get an idea what’s in store for your future with her. Like I said before, she might be your kind of crazy so wait it out until she deserves to see where you rest at.

5. Keep Your Job A Secret

Do not tell her where you work because I know it won’t end well if she feels you did her wrong. I heard countless stories how a crazy girlfriend called a mans job and he ended up getting fired. Drama at your workplace is the last thing you want. Don’t let her mess up your life and keep your job a secret.

6. Have A One Night Stand

Don’t rock her world for weeks then leave cold turkey when you notice she is cray cray. Having great sex and making her cum all the time then leaving will make her do crazy things. On top of her crazy things and her being crazy, this will end with some type of revenge. Don’t give her the chance to want revenge. Sometimes it’s best to just put another notch on your bed post and chalk it up to experience. Once you get good at spotting the warning signs of a crazy woman the relationship won’t last long anyway. You will be able to walk away easily as you become better spotting the red flags.

These are a few tips to how to deal with crazy women as a single man. In your single journey you will most likely come across a few crazy women. It will be best to leave them on the table after you fuck them on their table. You may come across other tips on your own but these are just a few to get you started and keep your guard up against the craziness.




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