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When You Are Dating An Unhealthy Sexy Pig

We all want to stay on track with our fitness journey but obstacles always seem to get in our way. There is never time to go to the gym or you are just lazy to workout three days a week, it all seems to be excuses. When we are single and having fun we run into a few issues as a man when dealing with the opposite sex. We fall in love with our eyes and often look past certain red flags because of a woman’s beauty. Here are some tips to follow if you are dating a hot girl but she is an unhealthy pig.

1. Don’t Judge Her

Let her eat up and eat like a slob. If she is young let her live it up. She will soon realize that those cheese fries will make her fat when she starts hitting 30. Keep your opinions to yourself and just stay focused on your goals.

2. Order Healthy

You will be tempted to order similar dishes of unhealthy foods with her but stay determined on your goals. When you go out to eat there is always a healthy choice on the menu. Be a man on his path to greatness and maybe she will follow suit.

3. Don’t Accommodate

You may hear things like “oh you are too healthy” but don’t let her ignorance get to you. You can treat her to some foods she loves but don’t turn your fridge into an unhealthy mess just for her. She may be the girl you are fucking but don’t fuck yourself over with bad habits.

4. Have Lots Of Sex

Both of you will need to burn off those extra calories because you will not be strong enough to stay away from her unhealthy food choices. Having lots of sex will keep her in shape and also keep the food out her mouth for the time being. Sex burns tons of calories and make her do a lot of the work.

5. Send Her To The Gym

If she is reaching her late 20s then she should be going to the gym, that’s if her unhealthy lifestyle is getting out of hand. Give her a SUPERFITMEN workout plan and tell her to get to work. Don’t be so blunt as to telling her to get her ass to the gym. One way is to tell her that you find her sexy when she is on the treadmill. Smooth it out.

6. Dump Her

If this girl is not alined with your lifestyle it may be a good idea to let her go or at least keep her on the side till you find someone better. A girl doesn’t have to be healthy but she has to have a sense of pride in her appearance. If she is gaining pounds every month, just think how big she will be in a year. Next thing you know she will be cutting her hair short and start wearing baggy jeans.

Eating bad food is fun and when done in moderation is key to conquering your fitness goals but you must not let it get out of hand. Women can make you change for the worse if you are not a strong centered man. Don’t let this happen and you can date that unhealthy slob just because she is the sexiest girl you ever had.




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