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Dating & Relationships: 4 Ways To Destroy Complacency And Laziness

Once you develop a relationship with a woman and you are having regular sex, most men become complacent. They are getting their needs met and laziness takes over in all aspects of their life. Your game should be sharp even though you are getting regular great sex or even if you are in a relationship. Once complacency kicks in it is a downward spiral because you will quickly not be the man you were. You must be the best version of yourself at all times. I will give you a few tips on how to get out of complacency and laziness so you can get back on track.

1. Date other women

I know you really like the girl you are having sex with now but once you make her your primary focus while you are not in an agreed relationship with each other things can go south. You should always have other women you are seeing as well as the one you can call your favorite. This way you remain in a state of abundance and stay that centered man for your favorite girl. You might not want to go out or meet other girls but it is the only way you will succeed with your favorite girl. So no matter what… you should be dating other women.

2. Switch things up

Be a mystery and don’t be so available. You should be setting dates that will lead to sex. Different days of the week and always at night. Once you start doing things other then this, things will go downhill. Whether you are in a relationship or just dating a woman you must always be switching things up. She must be wondering about you and this will create a deeper attraction. Go to different places and always make things interesting. The courting never stops with women. Once you get lazy and complacent that’s when these emotional beings called women start to give you shit tests. The shit tests will be small at first but if you keep being lazy and complacent they will increase in size. Next thing you know she is gone like the wind.

3. Sex game strong

If you are going to be complacent and lazy the sex must be outstanding. If you are not satisfying her sexual needs then the complacent and laziness will push her over the edge. Great sex and making her orgasm can allow more room for error on your end. As long as the sex is outstanding, that will buy you some time to get your act together. If you are beating it up right she will be in a love daze for a few days after but then quickly come back to reality that you are only coming over to fuck her. This is a temporary fix for you to come to your senses if you really like this woman.

4. Go out with friends

Do not stay in your house at all times. Get out and get busy. Go hang out with your friends and make it a priority to do so. If your focus is on your favorite girl and you don’t have your own social life you are doomed. Your laziness will over power you if you don’t go out and get social. Meet new people and make her wonder about you. Also your friends must be positive people doing positive things. Choose them wisely.

These are a few tips to get you out of complacency and laziness when you are dating women or if you are in a relationship. Always remember to stay focused on your mission as a man and don’t lose track of your goals.




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