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Dairy Is Scary

dairy is scary

How does the dairy industry work?

Just like other mammals out there, cows will only produce milk when they have a newborn to feed or when they lactate. As you can expect, the industry can’t rely on that which is why the dairy professionals focus on inseminating the cows over and over again in order to force them to make milk.

They collect sperm from the bulls and then inseminate the cows manually via a tube which is quite scary to be honest. The cows are placed on a “rape rack” and they will be inseminated as mentioned earlier, some of the farmers will actually need to push their first directly into the anus of the cow in order to loosen the area.


There are many other things that are very disturbing. For example, when the baby cow is born it will be taken from the cow and it will be placed in a crate. The reason is simple, if he does stay near the cow he will drink all the milk and that would be very bad for us. It might sound like a good idea for humans that need milk, but it is really bad for cows as they don’t get to see or interact with their baby at all.

Depending on the gender of the baby cow, he will either be killed and sold for his meat or, if the baby is a female, she will be raised in order to be yet another milk machine. Yes, this does seem very cruel but it does show the extent that the industry has to go in order to be certain that everything is handled properly and with the best possible approach so humans can put milk on the table.

Since the cows are kept pregnant all over again in order to generate milk, these cows will have to deal with many health conditions during their life, not to mention that they also have to deal with premature aging and other similar problems as well.

When these cows deal with health conditions they tend to leave some blood cells within their milk. Some of the countries in the world do tend to filter the milk, but even the filtering process isn’t performed properly. Some of the countries in Europe, New Zealand and even Canada are known for the fact that they do sell dairy products that still have a few blood cells, even some leftovers can bring a lot of health issues so obviously this is not a sight you want to have for sure.

What happens to the cows when they are too exhausted?

As you can expect, at some point the cows will get too exhausted. This does happen quite often and the farmers or companies that handle cows will have a solution here as well. Basically, the cows are falling down and they will find it very hard to get up. When such a thing happens, those cows will actually get killed and they will be sold for beef.

This usually happens after 4-5 years of continual milking and the procedure we mentioned earlier can even be encountered in the organic farms, not only on regular ones. So, basically, you don’t get to be safe regardless of how organic that milk might be or not.

A thing to keep in mind is that the dairy industry is basically similar to the meat industry and many times the two do tend to cooperate very often. There’s one thing to have a cow raised and killed for meat, but the dairy industry takes things way too far. The cows are sexually abused, they are forced to remain pregnant and the abuses continue throughout their life until they get killed. Since milk production lasts for 4-5 years, they will be killed after that amount of time regardless, which is both scary and unfair as well.

How does this affect humans?

Since cows aren’t exactly protected here, as you might expect they do develop some conditions that will transmit through their milk. People that consume lots of dairy products actually tend to have the most cases of bone fracture and osteoporosis. Simply put, even if you drink milk or eat a lot of cheese from organic places you aren’t safe at all, on the contrary it will be very challenging for your body to deal with everything.

The dairy industry does pay lots of money for commercials and educational products to ensure that people drink milk in order for the industry to stay alive. But do you need milk? There are many protein sources similar to the ones in milk that you can find in a wide variety of plants so you can easily replace that if you want.

There are lots of milk types out there that you can choose from, you should never focus on dairy milk alone. The reason is simple, not only are the cows treated improperly, they are actually abused, killed and tormented for the entirety of their lives. Surely you don’t want to be a part of that, so the best thing you can do is to find an alternate source of milk. You can find a wide variety of milk alternatives that are still milk but which don’t come from a dairy. And honestly, this will be a lot better for you because you will keep your health intact and away from many health problems that might appear in the long run.

Is the dairy milk scary?

It really is to be honest. Not only does it abuse cows but it also kills them whenever they are unable to be abused. Even if we are talking about cows, they are still beings and treating them like this does say quite a bit about our society. Unfortunately, more and more people tend to focus on consuming dairy milk however you should try to avoid it to the best of your capabilities. Not because it’s bad for you because it really isn’t. Instead, it’s a much better idea to stay away and find alternatives because they are healthier!



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