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Cinnamon apple protein yogurt recipe

cinnamon-apple-protein-yogurt-Cinnamon apple protein yogurt recipe

Losing fat and gaining muscle is your primary focus in fitness. Eating healthy is key but eating those unhealthy choices you may crave in moderation is what will keep you on track.

You need to enjoy your life and fitness should be effortless.

That being said, a great first meal while staying on track is something I call the cinnamon apple protein yogurt meal.


Here’s how to make it.

Buy some fat free Greek yogurt. Fage or chobani are good brands I use.

Put into a big size cereal bowl.

The amount will depend on you but make it worth your while.

Add a scoop or two of your favorite vanilla protein powder

Mix well into yogurt till there isn’t much lumps.

Cut up an apple into little bite sized pieces. Having an apple a day will keep the fat away.

Mix apple into yogurt bowl

Add some cinnamon on top of the yogurt

Mix well

Eat it right then or put it in the fridge for extra coldness.

You are getting anywhere from 50-60 grams of protein depending on what protein powder you use.

This is great when having this as your first meal and you are looking to lose fat.

It will fill you up, keeps daily carbs low and high in protein.


Recap with what is needed

  • Non fat Greek yogurt
  • One apple
  • Cinnamon
  • Protein powder
  • Bowl


Let me know what you think and what kind of protein yogurt snacks do you make.



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