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Be euphoric


Focus in the gym is a must.

I explain over and over again of how important it is to have a game plan when entering the gym.

Knowing what you are going to do and writing things down are critical to your gains.

Focus can be enhanced with pre workouts, coffee, headphones on with music playing or audio books.

How ever you go about it, being in a certain state of mind is what separates the men from the boys.

Being at a higher level is a must but when this higher level is pushed to the extreme this is the euphoric state.


Euphoric – characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness.


There will be a certain Ora you will have that will exhibit greatness.

You will feel you can conquer the world and nothing can stop you and your journey.

Overpowered with happiness, joy, confidence, excitement, focus, determination, and greatness.

It is a must you let these feelings over power you and take control.

You must be one with the feeling that you are the ultimate alpha man in this state of being.

Lifting heavier and feeling the burn will come with this feeling.

You will push yourself harder and the muscles you are workout out on will feel greater burn then normal.

You will tend to go off your structured workout plan and add more to the gym session.

Let this happen, it will cause more good then harm.

Meaning getting some pull ups and dips in between exercises will be ok.

More energy and more power comes with the euphoric state you will be in.

When you are truly happy with the gains and yourself, it will be apparent in the way you act in the gym.

You will feel unstoppable and your body language will show it.

You will become a magnet of positivity.

Now this is not the main purpose of the euphoric state but it comes with the territory.

Using the mirror at the gym can have positive effects and may cause euphoria.

Now I am not saying to be that asshole in the gym that is obnoxious. The one not really working out but there to flex his extra high body fat body.

I am saying feel good and use the state to your advantage.

It is a fact that working out is like a drug. It releases endorphins in your brain and gives you a high.

Euphoria won’t happen with every gym visit. Well it doesn’t happen all the time with me.

If I had a good amount of sleep, been seeing gains, personal life intact, social life great, etc it is more likely to come.

It sort of feels like I am floating and not walking to the water fountain, that’s when I know euphoria as set in.

To be honest I don’t know exactly what causes it but I do know it feel greats.

Enter the gym and take over.

Feel good and act great.

You are the dominate force in your own domain.

A lion in his den.

Lift heavy or go home and leave the distractions at the door.

Don’t wait for machines or benches to get your lift in.

Lead and only follow who warrants it.

Great minds think alike but find your own lane in life.

Be euphoric.



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