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Be a Yes Man


Sometimes we need a change. It could be small or a big change but at times a change could be the best thing that could happen in our lives. We sometimes plateau in our social lives along with our career. Getting stuck in a rut is a common occurrence in a mans life but breaking out of that rut is a must.


Depending on your mental capacity and your age will determine how deep you are in the rabbit hole of being a failure. Most men don’t understand the amount of dedication and work it takes to succeed. Instant gratification is often glamorize in our culture. Television, gossip and social media has made it cool to show off what we have rather the work it takes to get what we want.


The consolation prizes for being a failure is shown to us as an ultimate goal but all it does is make us average. Average is the norm for most because of the amount of people who are below average. This is what leads me to the topic at hand. Be a yes man!

Be social

Laziness has taken over most of our lives because we find it hard to break out of our comfort zone. The fear is stronger in our minds and we don’t take chances at what we want. It all starts with saying yes. The Jim Carey movie “Yes Man” is a great example to live by. Now don’t take it as a way and say yes to bad things that will set you back but take a chance and live just outside your comfort zone. Sometimes it gets hard to leave the comfort of your home and go out and socialize but you don’t know the opportunities that await you in the unknown.

Say yes

The internet makes it easy to assume that you are being a social butterfly but in reality you are just being anti social. Next time someone asks you to do something that involves you leaving your comfort zone… Do it! Don’t rob any banks but get out there and live in the moment. The Ekard Tolle book the power of now is a prime example on how to be in the present moment. If you haven’t read this book I recommend you give it good read.


Saying yes will do a number of things: enrich your social life, boost your career, give you more options in all aspects of your life, meet new people, help you gain experiences, help you live a positive lifestyle along with other positive effects. Do things you enjoy and leave your worries behind. Try new things. Be open to meeting new people. Smile at everyone and start conversations with everyone. Embrace life as a supermarket of opportunities. Be a yes man and say yes to the next event, opportunity, or task that comes your way.




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