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Attracting Women: Are You In Or Are You Out?


Since the beginning of time it was said that woman are hard to understand. Everyone claims to not know what they want and if they say that they do, it is for the most part a wrong answer or so broad that it doesn’t apply to every woman.

I am not here to explain what they want. I am here to help you realize what YOU want. When it come to meeting, approaching, dating, and having sex with women, it is real simple…

Are you in or are you out?

Television, movies and media of today have been putting this image in everyone’s head that the boy must chase the girl. You have a guy from an 80’s movie holding a boombox over his head at night in front of a girls window. If that happened in real life the girl would call the police.

You have sitcoms where the men are little bitches and waiting for approval from these women that they chase. It makes funny television but in real life you will get nowhere with woman if you continue to chase.

Don’t get me wrong…

You have to take action when meeting women but excessive texting, phone calls and contact will turn off a new woman fast. Only if her attraction is real high upon meeting the girl, she will most likely feel something is off.


The man who chases shows feminine tendencies

Every movie I seen from the 70’s on shows a man chasing a woman and at the end of the movie the woman realizes that the man who was in front of her face the whole time (the nice guy) is the one for her.

If you watch a movie from the 60’s and older it is the exact opposite. It’s the woman doing the chasing. It’s the man that is on his mission in life and the woman needs to chase him to get him. They had it correct in this era.

This Socialization of male/female interaction has been brainwashing young men and woman for years. I can go on and on about the topic but let me get to the point at hand.

When you start dating a new woman it is your job to show her a fun time. You need to put your best foot forward to show her that you are all the man she needs. Now on the first date you need to find out if she is in or if she is out. Meaning is she into you or not interested.

Going for a kiss on the first date is a must. If she turns her cheek she is most likely not interested unless social conditioning got to her so much that she thinks it is not ok to kiss on the first date. If that is the case I would not be interested in her. If she is so fucked up by society that she feels she can’t kiss on the first date, when do you think you will have sex with her. Sex will usually happen on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd date. Once you get good at seduction, having sex on the first date will most likely happen if you have a good connection.

Do not, I repeat do not go out for months without having sex. Unless she is a virgin there is something wrong. You are probably in the friend zone and don’t even know it. If there is no sex, you are just friends. Once you have experience you will have a good idea if the girl is in or she is out.


It can go 3 ways

There are 3 ways approaching a woman can go. When dating, and conversing with new women, you will run into women who are fully attracted, not interested, and conclusive.

Fully attracted women

These are the women who are ready to go. They know they like you by the words that you mumbled at them. They might even just feel physically attracted to you.

These women will just fall into your lap. The indicator of interest will most likely be a smile, an approach from them, or some sort way they are telling you that they are interesting in you.

Most men marry these women that fall into their laps because most don’t approach women. They fall for the girls who went after them and settle for the first pussy they penetrated.

Like attracts like. Nothing is wrong with these women who are fully attracted to you. It is the easiest and safest way to approach and to start talking to a woman you never met before.

The attraction is also starting on a high note so there is more room for error on the mans end. You can make many mistakes and these women will over see these big mistakes and keep you around. The goal is to find a woman that is attracted at first glance. Love at first sight they call it.

Not interested women

This is self explanatory. Most women will be not interested. Rejection is a good thing because it weeds out those who you are not compatible with.

At first it may sting a bit but then once you get rejected constantly it feels better because you know the girl is wrong for you. It wasn’t meant to be.

Not interested woman include: married women, women in serious relationships, not physically attracted women, lesbians, and a woman having a bad day.

Conclusive women

These are the women who are on the fence with you. It can go either way. They can be attracted to you but not fully attracted. You must do more work to get these women. There is not much room for error.

Also you can’t take your time with these woman. You must strike while the iron is hot. If you wait too long to ask out or make a move they will dismiss you and toss you in the friend zone.

Once you are in the friend zone it is hard to get out. I recommend you just leave and never look back if you are put in the friend zone. You will have a better chance of a sexual relationship by walking away and never contacting her again.

The conclusive women you encounter may not like something about you, are in a relationship already, or just doesn’t want any sort of relationship at the moment. You must work extra hard at courting these women and making a mistake can easily send you back to the drawing board.


Now determining whether women are in or out is not a science, it is an art.

The sooner you know the less time that is wasted, less money spent, less energy and emotions involved.

Figuring this out will help you make the right decisions on who to date, converse with, have a relationships with and have sex with.

Now ask your self the next time you try to get to know a girl… Is she in or is she out?




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