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Are You 35 and Done?

I am getting older and so are you but are you 35 and done?

Whether you are at the ripe age of 18 or your 45 years old with a few kids, time is passing by and so is your life. We all try to enjoy our lives as much as possible but there is no way around getting old. It’s a part of life. Now the point here is that you don’t want to age and get “worse”.

Your health is a very important aspect of your life that should be taken serious. Your health and also your wealth should be on a constant upgrade as you age. You should be getting better as you age not worse.

As I grew older and now in my 30s I have seen an often similar routine within my peers. Most people have become stagnant or for the most part getting “worse”. Now you may ask me what does getting worse even mean.



comparative of bad, ill.
of poorer quality or a lower standard; less good or desirable.
“the accommodations were awful, and the food was worse”
comparative of badly, ill.
less well or skillfully.
“the more famous I became the worse I painted”
a more serious or unpleasant event or circumstance.
“the small department was already stretched to the limit, but worse was to follow”


As social media has become a way to see people we knew from our past, its become painfully clear most of my peers have not taken health too serious. Most of America is over weight and living paycheck to paycheck. The slow downward spiral is usually non reversible at the age of 35. So I repeat as in the title of this article. Are you 35 and done? Or are you heading in that direction?

Once you hit the age of 35 it is pretty clear how your life is going to turn out. In your 20s you have the energy to do more and hustle till all hours of the day (If you are in your 20s take advantage of this). Once your around the age of 30 or so it is clear you don’t have the same stamina as you once had. You need more sleep and you are willing to tolerate much less in your life.

Less chances are taken in your life and for the most part you are set in your career. Your appearance is basically set in stone and your looks have been put on the back burner by the consolation prizes for being a failure. Now don’t get me wrong! This doesn’t apply to everyone but the average number of people get home from work and sit in front of their TV then pray for the weekend to come along for a break from reality.

Now if you are overweight, eat unhealthy all the time, don’t take care of yourself, don’t like your career or relationship you are currently in and your doing nothing about it, I am talking to you. We all have problems but if you are not doing anything about your problems then that’s a problem in itself. You need to be involved in your own rescue!

As you get older, time goes by quicker. When I was 18 years old I felt that a year was a very long time. It seemed like it was at the time. As I gotten older, years fly by and now a year feels like a few months. I imagine as I age and get into my 40s and so on, time will feel like it is going much faster. My point here whether you agree with me or not is that your time is now!

All the procrastinating and non action that is going on in your life is a major fault. You may think you don’t have an issue and this is just part of life but I got sad news for you… it isn’t. You should be taking care of yourself by doing physical activities and eating healthy. What you put in your body will determine how you feel from day to day. If you don’t like your career or job you are currently in, you should be making direct conscious decisions to change that… Not instantly but over time.

Success is not a singular act and a plan should be set forth to change whatever you don’t want in your life. If any relationship in your life is contributing negatively to your well being you should make an effort to end it. All relationships are not meant to last forever. An unhealthy relationship can set you back the most because it can affect your health and wealth at the same time. For example a divorce and a disgruntle spouse can cost you your hard earned money, mental and physical health for most of your life.


Common Excuses I Hear About Not Taking Any Action

I don’t have time
I don’t have enough money
This is just the way it is
I will do it next week, next month or tomorrow
I am too tired
I have kids
That is just the way she is
Then I would have to start all over
I love (insert unhealthy food) too much
I don’t need any help
I don’t like to read
I am just lazy
It sounds like too much work


There are many more excuses but these are the most popular that I come across. The wrong heroes have gotten glamorized now when it is time to take action we think success will happen instantly or maybe over a short period of time. Instant gratification has become the norm in this Social media world and now our attention span has shorten to around 9 seconds. Reading the book Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment would be a great idea if you haven’t done so already. He explains how on the road to mastery we move upward along with hitting plateaus.


Mastery curve


This is the direction your life should be heading. Now setbacks happen. Everyone faces hard times but it is your duty as a man to overcome set backs and stay focused on your mission. Your mission should come first along with finding your purpose if you haven’t found one yet in your life. Your time is short on this earth and once you hit 35 years old it is statistically shown that you are set in your health, wealth and relationships. As time goes by, one or more will get worse. I am not oblivious to the fact that we die eventually but your health should be taken care of regardless.

Now it is time to make sure you flourish and prove me wrong. Make the right moves and set forth a plan to change this. If your out of shape get a gym membership. If you don’t have enough money for a membership, exercise at home . If you don’t like your career or job make moves to find a better one. Do not quit your job but on your off time start a business you always wanted to start or send your resume to jobs you always wanted. Go back to school if you feel it will do you better. The point is don’t give up. Most of us have given up without even knowing it. Don’t end up being 35 and done!




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