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Approaching woman: indirect vs direct?


There are many single woman out there looking for you to approach them properly.

With the divorce rate reaching 60% many single woman are being developed daily looking for there right match.

Woman have learned a long time ago how to say “not interested” without actually saying it to a man. This would be for those that would approach them improperly or the girl who really has no interest in the guy. This started when a woman keeps it real with a man and says “sorry I am not interested”, and a man reacts in defensive, negative way.

By these insecure angry men doing this, it causes women to give out fake numbers or even real numbers but never planning to answer their phone when they call. By giving their number out, the woman hopes the man gets the picture when she doesn’t answer and he then goes away.

Woman are usually smaller and less powerful then men, thus they don’t want the conflict that will cause a man to react to her non interest. That being said, there are ways to properly approach a woman and there are ways not to.

Advice here is to never take anything personal and there are millions of single woman in the world you can approach.

It is a numbers game.

You want a woman to be interested and an encounter to be effortless.

If a woman is not on board with a conversation, let alone a smile back then you don’t want to give her any of your time anyway.

Indirect approach

An indirect approach is going up to a woman you find attractive and not really stating what you want from them. It is something like asking what time it is or asking for directions to the nearest Starbucks in hopes of a conversation.

Without directly saying what your interest is in the woman it is playing it safe. The rejection will not be so blatant and it is easy to start a conversation this way with not much fear of the unknown.

Direct approach

Now a direct approach is going up to a woman and stating exactly what you feel in the moment. Stating what you want and starting a conversation from there.

For example: saying you find her gorgeous and you would like to talk to her for a moment. This takes a lot of confidence and not much care of outcome. Being extremely forward will throw her off guard and instant rejection can occur if she is truly not interested.

Indirect vs direct

There is no right or wrong way to go about approaching a woman. You should do whatever works for you and with what level of confidence you are currently on.

Indirect is the safe route and direct takes more balls. Being honest with the direct approach is the best way to go though. It cuts a lot of time out of the guess work.

If you want something you must take it.

If she is not interested, you will know as soon as possible and you can go on to the next one.

Woman also will appreciate it more because they rarely get approached this way. If done the right way it will be flattering.

Mostly men beat around the bush and do the indirect approach to develop rapport with no risk. If you state what you want with being direct there will be a faster progress in the courtship.

Your days are getting shorter every day you live. You are wasting time indirectly approaching woman to feel them out. I am not saying indirect is the wrong way to go but when you see someone you really would like to get to know, direct is the best way.

It takes a lot of practice and confidence to direct approach a woman of your choosing because of the rejection that can come along with it.

And yes, you will get rejected and that’s ok.

Also, you do not want to come across as a creep, thirst bucket, or player.

You must learn by trial and error how to properly approach directly.

If you want what you want and you don’t want to settle you should practice the skill.

You should chose the woman, then they should chase you. Then they ultimately do the choosing at the end.

Again, do whatever works for you as long as you do it.


Winner: direct approach
(Disclaimer: indirect or direct as long as you approach)



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