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An apple a day keeps the fat away

I am a firm believer in eating natural healthy foods.


You should be eating foods that grow and live.


Meats, vegetables and fruits.


Nothing should be processed or created by man.


Only if it is cooked by man.


Now fruits are a great way to get natural nutrition into your body. The kind you need to live the lifestyle of a superfitman.


At least having one serving of a fruit a day will keep the doctor away.


But I am telling you it will also keep the fat away.


First “meal” of the day


The first thing I eat when I decide to break my fast is an apple.

It is refreshing especially when it is left in my fridge.


Eating an apple before you eat a regular meal will enable to push that meal further into the day.


It will solve your hunger issue in the morning( if you have any issue with that at all).


Why does it keep the fat away


Eating an apple will not only curb your hunger but it will also not effect your fast in the morning.


With it being high in fiber and assuming around 100 calories it will help with controlling your food intake throughout the day.


Your body will be a fat burning machine once you wake up and when you take a bite out an apple it will gradually slow down the process.


It will not cause excessive hunger toward your first meal.


In other words you won’t go beast mode when it’s time to eat.


Treat it as an appetizer.


Benefits of the apple

  • Clears toxins out of your body
  • Good for your teeth
  • Boost your immune system
  • Stops diarrhea and constipation
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Heart health


Effortless focus


Forget breakfast.


Wake up conquer the world.


Drink coffee.


Work on your life mission and when you pick your head up for a breather cause you feel the urge to eat…

Grab that apple.



Then get back to what you were meant to be and was put on this earth for.


Food is only a distraction.


A pleasure and a luxury.



You should eat like a king when it’s time to and having that apple as the first thing you bite into will help in that process.


When I leave my house in the morning I grab my keys, my wallet, my phone, and my apple.


Don’t fall victim to artificial sugars.


The apple is a key ingredient to getting the body you want and also to remain focused on your life’s mission.



Did you have your apple today?



Comment all about it to me below



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