The SuperFitMen Cause

When you take good care of yourself, and you’re proud of the incredibly strong and good-looking body that you’ve built, you’re not just someone who wants to parade his abs on Instagram.

There’s an entire culture behind what you do for yourself, which actually goes way beyond your physique, that you’re true to – and that’s exactly what the SuperFitMen represents: you and what you stand for, as expressed through your body shape.

If you’re reading this, you know that being healthy and strong, and appreciating and curating the aesthetics of your body, is part of an outlook on life that dates back to ancient Greece, where no smart man would just focus on his brains while overlooking his body.

The SuperFitMen is a cause, more than just a muscle contest. Here, we believe that a man is meant to be a true alpha male, and not just someone who has given up on fulfilling the entirety of his potential. 

That is why I want to help you become and stay a SuperFitMan – a man who stops at nothing to have his body and mind perfectly aligned with his goals, and having his physique truly reflecting his commitment, discipline, pride, leadership, success, and also his wisdom.

Welcome to the SuperFitMen, where you cease to be a ‘dud’ and you become a ‘stud’ – just what every man should be.

Here, we do not want you to become Mr. Olympia – we want you to become the athletic, fit, strong, smart and healthy man that you want to be, and that you can be. Here, we want to help you become a role model of what manhood is all about. This is also where we give you a chance of being part of a community of other men who rightly believe that they should take good care of themselves, look as good as they think, and think as good as they look, and who make no apologies for being the kind of man that boys look up to, and that women admire, feel fascinated by and drawn to.

Leave the man that you were trying to be behind, and step into the SuperFitMen world, where the man that you were meant to be has just been born.


My SuperFit Story

My name is Chris Bonetti, and I am a lifestyle coach working on New York City. Sure, I realize that being a lifestyle coach has become such a cliché, that many people no longer understand what it means.

Still, I can tell you that what I do is far from a cliché. You see, throughout the years, I have always been fascinated by decoding ways to improve health and fitness – mine and of others who I always felt compelled to help achieve their goals. All my experiences, research and experiments have allowed me to stay fit while focusing on my life’s purpose – and being fit as an expression of my determination to accomplish what I set out to do.

I believe in trying, failing, learning, correcting, perfecting and succeeding. That was how I have been able to develop a full proof system for a strong masculine body that is paired by an equally strong mind.

You see, you can’t really have and enjoy the looks if you don’t have the smarts, and the truth is that the smarts, alone, won’t get you far if you both your body and mind aren’t working together. If you have these two dimensions perfectly synchronized, you are a balanced SuperFitMan who always gets what he wants with no effort – since success flows right from your body, mind and heart, and right back into them, in a virtuous circle.

I have been fortunate enough to develop this formula and use it to my advantage, which is why I have decided that I wanted to help other men use the SuperFitMen model to their advantage as well.

I’m talking about your career, your relationships, your dreams, tastes and preferences. I’m talking about your life and what you want from it. I’m talking about walking you through the habits, the thoughts and the actions that you need to embrace so that you too can get those six pack abs that you can be proud of, on the beach, wearing your favorite clothes, or in the bedroom – naturally, and actually finding out that your system is so good, that losing your good shape gets harder than keeping it.

You see, as I’ve found out on my own, being a SuperFitMan is all about developing and cultivating a certain mindset that never fails to be translated into tangible actions that make success – however you define it – naturally happen in your life.

No, this is not sales-talk. And, no, I won’t tell you that it’s all about clapping your fingers and seeing it happen. I’m not here to lie to you and tell you that it will all work out of magic. I’m genuinely here to help you through tried, tested and proven advice that will make small changes to your life that will eventually evolve into one big change that will make you feel so much better.

What’s the purpose of your life, if not to be the best man that you can be?

Oh, you think that trying to be perfect is a naïve thought? Not at all, unless you don’t understand what perfection is. You see, perfection is a dynamic goal that you strive to achieve, and that you enjoy as you make it happen. It’s not an unattainable final destination – it’s a game-changing journey that makes you feel alive in every pore of your skin, and bone and muscle in your body.

I’ll be honest with you. As a child and as a teenager, back in those days I was fascinated about body-building and being strong and healthy. Still, as a young mind, I had a superficial view of it that led me to follow trends and want to look good just for the sake of it. The truth, however, was that, no matter how hard I tried, I was never happy with my results. Change happened, sure, but it never seemed to live up to my expectations.

For quite some time, I always kept following and replicating other people’s models, and, no matter how committed I was to following other coaches plans, I never made it as far as I wanted to go – because I was not being myself, and I wasn’t working within my own ways to make it.

As frustrating as it was, I never quit, though, and I ultimately failed as many times as I needed to in order to drop what wasn’t working and improve what worked, and that was how I finally was able to change everything.

That has brought me a wealth of fine-tuned fitness philosophy and practice, accompanied by a very special attitude and culture of manhood, that have made becoming a SuperFitMan the easiest, most meaningful and most far-reaching change in my life.

Now I am below 10 percent body fat, I have a supremely strong body structure, built on properly trained muscles, and, above all, I have a fresh and clear mind leading the way towards the successful alpha male life that I get to enjoy and naturally improve every day.

That’s why I invite you to join the SuperFitMen and live the effortless alpha lifestyle that is waiting for you to enjoy.

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