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The 7 Most Important Supplements To Build Muscle And Lose Fat

I am a simple man. So I don’t like going to the gym and doing box jumps mixed with pistol squats then Burpees. Well all that could be fun but not on an every workout basis. That being said I like to keep my workouts simple.

Supplements can be great to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. I also try to take as little supplements as possible but then again I do try a lot and have much on top of my fridge. Let me explain that I am not a bodybuilder preparing for a show or someone who needs to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I want to be fit, strong and look good in clothes and yea.. Have a six-pack. 

Supplements I Use



BCAA is the most important supplement I use. I sip on it through out the workout and it keeps me from losing any sort of muscle mass when doing HIIT. Branched Chained Amino Acids also help with focus at the gym and prevents muscle breakdown. When someone asks me what supplements I use, BCAA is the first one that comes out of my mouth. It makes me feel comfortable when working out in a fasted state and at the same time it helps me get a great workout.

Sip on 7-15g of BCAA while lifting weights or doing cardio. Currently I am using Scivation Xtend BCAA’s, Blue Rasberry, 30 Servings,14.7 oz and been using it since USPLabs went out of business. You know the company that brought you jackd3d? I recommend the Xtends, but there are a lot of good reliable brands out there like the ones below.

2. Pre-Workout

Now without a pre-workout I don’t feel at my peak in the gym when lifting weights. Maybe because I been using a pre-workout for a while. Maybe I am addicted to the tingling in my face? Or maybe it just gives me an extra boost of energy when I come home from a long day and also from just feeling lazy. It is so important to feel motivated and this usually does the trick. It keeps me in the gym longer and gets me lifting heavier than when I am not on it.

Currently I am using ProSupps Mr Hyde Intense Pre Workout Pikatropin Free Formula, Cherry Bomb, 8.0 Ounce and I switch to try other brands like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout, Fruit Punch, 30 Servings so I don’t get immune to the extra bolt of energy it gives. The only reason why this is not the most important supplement I use is because it can be replaced by coffee. Maybe one day when I get the nerve to throw my pre-workout in the garbage I will just workout with coffee in my system (which I sometimes do).


3. Creatine

I just started using creatine again after a long bad relationship with it. I am not even sure it is working but I will use it till the bottle goes empty. I use them in a pill form and the ones I use are All American EFX Kre-Alkalyn EFX, 240 Capsules. Years ago I use to mix the regular Creatine mono and get stomach pains. I tested a few other brands after and these don’t give any stomach pains at all. They seem to be working how creatine should work, as long as you drink a lot of water.

Creatine is great if you want to build muscle fast.  When you are at a low body fat range it will make your muscles pop and give you the shrink-wrap effect.

4. Fish Oil

Not so glamorized as a supplement to build muscle and lose fat but I take it to live a healthy life. There are so many benefits to taking fish oil which I described here. I use it in the liquid form and take it before I go to bed. I recommend you try a few different ones out and pick the one that doesn’t give you that fish burp and also with a high EPA and DHA.

EPA and DHA support insulin function and increase glucose and fatty acid uptake into muscle cells. This helps get nutrients toward muscle and away from fat, which improves overall body composition and provides more fuel to the muscle during workouts.

5. Protein Bar



I use protein bars when I am on the run. I try to always have one on me just in case I want to eat small and don’t have the option to get food. I don’t eat them all the time and sometimes hardly at all. Occasionally I would eat one with an apple to break my fast post workout.

A lot of protein bars taste great like detour or quest. Instead of eating junk or having a bad snack I would eat these. Although I still eat whatever the fuck I want and remain SUPERFIT.

6. CLA

I recently got on the CLA bandwagon again. I was taking it years ago and got down to a real low bodyfat. Not sure if I should give CLA credit for it or just the hard work in the gym. It promotes fat loss and and it enhances muscle growth.

Building muscle burns fat, which also increases metabolism, which helps with weight loss. Also CLA improve the lean mass to body fat ratio, decreasing fat deposition, especially on the abdomen.

7. Yohimbine HCL

I occasional take this to lose stubborn belly fat. The instructions on the bottle say to only take one pill a day but to lose fat you should be taking one pill for every 25 lbs you weigh. So if you weigh 150 lbs you should take 6 pills(Thats if each pill is 2.5mg). Do work yourself up to more than a two pills at a time because every one reacts differently to yohimbine HCL. Also take this on an empty stomach mixed with caffeine while doing low intensity cardio.

Coffee and Yohimbine HCL while doing a fasted cardio workout will take care of your stubborn body fat. For example: treadmill on 4.0 on a 4.0 incline. Again as a warning: Be careful with this supplement because everyone reacts differently to it. Work your way up to the usage I recommend because on the bottle it will only tell you to take 5mg a day.

In The End

Here are most of the supplements I use on a regular basis. If I had to pick only 2 supplements to use it would be BCAA and the pre workout. The others I use in spurts and for the yohimbine HCL hardly ever only if I want to get extremely shredded.

Supplements are not needed to get a great body but it helps the process by around 10-15%. Hope this helps and if you have any questions make sure to sign up to the SUPERFITMEN Newsletter BY CLICKING HERE.




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