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4 Foods to Avoid If You Want a Six Pack

Although the summer may be over for many of us, unless you are reading this from the southern hemisphere, that does not give you an excuse to binge eat. You don’t want to stuff your face with junk food all day, and claim to be ‘bulking’. If you’re serious about getting in shape you’ll have to be strict with your diet.

For those of you looking to get shredded for example, you’ll want a set of killer six pack abs, which means that your diet should be finely tuned and 100% on point. Although it is essential that you avoid virtually all junk foods if you want to bring up your abs, there are certain foods that can cause much more damage than others. So for that reason, let’s take a look at 4 foods to avoid if you want a set of six pack abs.


French Fries 

Although they’re made from potatoes, and potatoes can be healthy when prepared right, French fries sadly, are not diet-friendly foods. French fries are made from white potatoes, which already have a naturally high glycemic index. They are considered simple carbohydrates, which can cause insulin spikes, which can promote fat gain. On top of that, they are often dusted with dextrose sugar, which again, causes insulin surges.

They are also cut very thinly, which means that they have an increased surface area. This increased surface area allows them to absorb more of the fat they are being fried in, which increases the saturated and trans fat content. This also boosts the caloric values, promoting fat gain. They are also covered in salt, which causes you to retain water and become bloated. So not only are the abs coated in abdominal fat, they are also coated in a layer of water as well. If you want abs, sadly, French fries have to go.

fried foods

Fried Carbohydrate Sources 

When trying to burn fat, you can actually enjoy certain fried foods, providing you choose a healthy oil, with coconut oil being a great example. However, if you combine fats with carbohydrates, your body will utilize the carbs for energy. This will store the fat for use at a later date, usually around your mid-section. For that reason, avoid eating fried foods which contain carbohydrates. I.E breaded fish or chicken, or meats with added carbs.



Ok, technically not a food, but even so, if you want abs, you must say goodbye to the sugar-laden beverages. Sodas are loaded full of sugar and empty calories, which means that they provide virtually no nutritional value at all. A typical can will contain 40g of sugar, and over 150 calories. Which is an absurdly high amount, especially considering the fact that it is not filling. So it will not satisfy hunger pains or cravings at all. As the sugar will cause unstable blood glucose levels, insulin levels will spike, which as mentioned previously, will result in fat gain. Instead, get the majority of your hydration from water.



If you have a sweet tooth, then you will need to be willing to give up the desserts. Well at the very least, make healthy, sugar-free versions instead. Desserts are loaded with sugar and generally contain chocolate, cream, and they contain various other fat sources that are no good for you whatsoever. This obviously increases their caloric values, and as they are low in protein and free of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, the muscles and the body get no real nourishment at all. When dieting down, the odd dessert every now and then is okay. It will  also help keep you sane. Although, if you’re used to eating something sweet every day and you want shredded abs, you must be willing to make a few sacrifices along the way.

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