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3 Key Exercises to Building a Huge Back

3 key exercises to building a huge back

We all want the best of what we put into our workouts. We go to the gym every week expecting to see results in our body. If we are eating the right foods and doing the right exercises it is inevitable to see positive change. Some body parts are easier to build then others and what someone struggles with, you may not be struggling with at all. I will be discussing how to build a huge back and not put on fat in the process. Some key exercises you can use in your routine to have your back blow up.

1. The Weighted Pull Up and Chin Ups

The number one exercise to building a big back is the pull up. If you can’t do 10-15 pull ups I would recommend you get on that first before you do weighted.

Being able to do pull ups is the most important part in building your perfect physique. That V shape will be determined on your pull up game.

Mastering the chin up will put massive amounts of muscle on your back and this muscle won’t leave when you are out the gym for a while. Pull ups will also hit muscles that weights just can not hit.

Adding weights to your pull ups will be the main ingredient to having those lats pop out. Having your lats pop will make your waist look smaller which is the desired effect you want aesthetically.

2. Single Arm Dumbbell Bent Rowing

I found this exercise to be great to hit the lats and rear delts. I wouldn’t be afraid to using a big boy dumbbell for this exercise cause the more weight you use the better the results. You need to use a heavy weight that you can still do perfect form with. Bad form will cause injury and make you look like an asshole at the gym. Don’t be that asshole at the gym.

To do this exercise you should be bent over with your knee on the bench. One foot on the floor and make sure you keep your back straight. I would hold the dumbbell for a few seconds when you pull it up to feel the squeeze of the lats.

3. The Deadlift

The deadlift has been the secret to getting big for years. The main focus would be on your lower back, thighs and forearms though. When you ask someone who has gotten big fast, how they did it… It’s usually these full body exercises like the dead lift and squat.

There are a few different ways to do the dead lift which include the stiff leg deadlift or using a block to get a longer range of motion. I would recommend using a lighter weight first if you are new to the deadlift cause you don’t want to get injured.

Also don’t turn the dead lift exercise into an ego trip at the gym. Who can do more weight for a single rep. You do your best and forget the rest. Something I learned from Tony Horton back when I did p90x. You don’t want to pile on weight to show off. I recommend always doing 5 or more reps with this exercise. Leave the one rep stuff to that guy who is an asshole.


Now there are a lot more exercise you can do to build a big back such as good mornings, Lat pull downs, barbell bent over rows and dumbbell pullovers. These are key ones I feel at the moment that will work wonders in building a huge back and also remaining lean in the process. Set up a nice back routine that works for you. I like switching up the rep range from low reps to high reps depending on exercises. Try these 3 back exercises and see results fast in building your huge back.




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