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3 healthy fast food options on a budget (How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat With A Busy Lifestyle)

When you live a busy lifestyle eating healthy can be tough. Grabbing something on the run that is cheap and good for your health can be challenging. So here is 3 healthy fast food options on a budget that will help you build muscle and lose fat.


steamed chinese

Steamed Chinese Food

When most people think of Chinese food the first word that comes to mind is “unhealthy”. All the MSG, heavy sauce and deep fried foods on the menu can turn you off when you are living a healthy lifestyle.

Although there are unhealthy foods on the menu there are also healthy options to consider. Chinese food is made on the spot and you specify what you want and don’t want in your meal.

Asking the take out restaurant to steam your food is the best option. Mostly all Chinese food take out restaurants have a “diet” section on the menu or a “healthy” option down below.

For example, you will find chicken with broccoli or shrimp with mixed vegetables in that section which has no salt, corn starch and sugar.

Also you will get a choice of sauce on the side which includes brown, white or garlic sauce. Most Chinese food take out restaurants have brown rice on their menu as well. So this helps when you want to get some healthy carbohydrates in your meal.


The Chipotle Bowl

The fast food Mexican spot that gives you a choice of fresh ingredients can help you build muscle and lose fat. The food is right in front of you and all you got to do is point to what you want. It is usually a fast option (unless the line is out the door) to get a healthy lunch or dinner that is affordable.

I go more in-depth on how to order at Chipotle in this article here.

What And How To Eat At Chipotle

Remember to not choose the unhealthy ingredients or be very lenient with how much you put on. I don’t recommend sour cream but if you feel you need to have it, only add a drop.

Also stay away from the tortillas and order a bowl. Make sure you get enough protein and I also recommend you stick with the chicken or steak. Don’t turn this Chipotle visit into something your healthy lifestyle will regret.

subway salad

The Double Chicken Subway Salad

Now subway has a similar set up as chipotle. You can point and see what is being put into your meal. You have the glass in front of you so it prevents people spitting into the displayed food.

Stay away from the big foot long heroes because of the massive amount of bread and high sodium of cold cuts and just get a salad. I recommend the double chicken chopped salad. It is a fast healthy choice when someone has a busy lifestyle.

You get to pick what ingredients you want and you can pick everything underneath the kitchen sink. I go more in-depth on how and what to order at subway in this article here

What Do SuperFitMen Eat at Subway?

Make sure you get the oil and vinegar or a fat-free dressing and pick the right chicken. Get the right chicken! So meaning, get the chicken strips that subway claims are without preservatives and it is actual real chicken.

The chicken breast they have taste like hot dog meat to me so I will pass on that at all costs. This meal is also cheap compared to other places that sell salads. You can get an unlimited amount of ingredients at the same cost.

In The End 

Try these 3 meals for your busy lifestyle or fitness lifestyle in general. You can remain fit and carry on with your life without thinking of what you should eat that is healthy.

These are amazing lunch ideas for people who work a 9 to 5 or who are just busy building a business. Eating these meals daily while you are on the run will help you build muscle and lose fat year round.

Try one of the meals and let me know what you think of them.




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