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25 First Date Success Tips – Get A Second Date!


25 First Date Success Tips


Here is a list of 25 first date success tips that will help you achieve results within your dating life. Whether you want to get a girlfriend, a wife, a friend with benefits, just date or have a one night stand, these tips will help you make your first dates successful.


A first date is basically a first meet up between two people who want to explore the idea of being more than just friends. A first date can happen instantly upon meeting a girl, a meet up from an online dating app, or a planned meet up from getting a girls phone number.


How ever you look at it, a first date is when the meeting happens.

Common sense, YES! But I wanted to make it clear so I can get right to it… so here we go!




25 First Date Success Tips


1. Eye contact – mentioned this one first because most guys don’t do it.


2. Lean back and relax – don’t look anxious and lean forward when sitting across or just talking with her.


3. No day time dating – the night-time is the right time so make dates for the evening.


4. No event dates – keep it simple with a drink of choice. Nothing extravagant.


5. No talking about past relationships – if asked keep it short and sweet. Also always positive.


6. No interview type of questioning- this is not an interrogation. Be different.


7. Make her laugh consistently – don’t be a clown but make her laugh and smile. Learn how to be funny.


8. Be sexual – this is not a friend outing. You want to have sex with her eventually. Although don’t be creepy.


9. Touch her often – learn how to use kino and don’t be a creep. Playful touching of the arm when laughing is an example.


10. Tease her like your kid sister – playful banter and teasing is fun but don’t over do it where she takes it the wrong way.


11. Always pay – this first date should be cheap and affordable so paying is perfectly fine. It will go a long way.


12. Let her do most of the talking – the majority of the date should be her talking around 80% of the time.


13. Try to take her to a few different places – have a few drink at different locations or a drink than have a stroll in the park. This will help with comfort and higher your chances of a first date hook up.


14. No compliments on appearance – ok… you can give one compliment saying she looks nice tonight but no more. Most guys put out a bad vibe by how much compliments they give. Just don’t do it!


15. Don’t care – what you mean don’t care? Don’t care how it will end up. If you are doing all the right things that are stated in this article it will be ok and  just be on her if she wants to continue seeing you.. Your outcome independence is key to your long-term success.


16. Look good – don’t wear that jelly stained t-shirt and make sure you are looking up to par.


17. Go for the kiss – most of the time. If it’s fully inappropriate then I would pass. Go for a kiss if there is a chance for sex on a first night.


18. Don’t lie about yourself – there is no point. You should be comfortable with you are and no need to directly impress someone with a lie.


19. Be mysterious – leave information out about yourself or keep answers to questions short and playful.


20. Have fun – the point of a date is to get to know the girl and have fun. Don’t be a bore.


21. Keep logistics in mind – if your place is free keep the date close to your place. If not, travel to her and keep it close to her. You will need location to work in your favor if sex is going to happen. Although car sex is cool.


22. Bring a condom – if you are going to have sex with someone on a first date you should protect yourself. Don’t let no condom hold you back from getting laid.


23. Don’t plan 2nd date – planning a second date on the first date is needy behavior. Don’t mention anything about the future but if she mentions hanging out again that is ok. Meaning say “that would be nice”.


24. Don’t get wasted – no need to drink till your drunk if alcohol is involved. This will lead to unwanted things being said on your behalf. Especially on the first date this is a no-no.


25. Qualify her – from first meet up you should be seeing where she fits in within your life. Is she normal? Is she crazy? Asking the right questions will help you determine what kind of relationship you could have with her.


These are just some tips that will help you have a great first date that could lead to sex or not. Sex is not the ultimate goal but it is always on a mans mind.

Follow these tips and watch your first dates skyrocket to women blowing up your phone. Although the second date is even more important but easier than the first.

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